Particulate Vaccine Adjuvants: A Brief Overview


Vaccination is a better way to prevent infectious diseases. Traditional vaccines are effective and unsafe; however, subunit vaccines are less effective and safe. Thus, vaccine adjuvants are used to boost immunogenic responses of subunit vaccines. Emulsions, liposomes, polymeric nanoparticles and inorganic nanoparticles are commonly used particulate vaccine adjuvants. In this talk, I will try to introduce particulate vaccine adjuvants highlighting current status and future prospects.

Rakesh Bastola*

*Rakesh Bastola, has completed MS in Pharmacy from Keimyung University, Republic of Korea as Korean Government Scholarship Grantee. He studied and worked under the supervision of Assoc. Prof. Sangkil Lee. He completed B. Pharm. from Pokhara University. Till date he has registered a patent and published 3 papers in reputed peer-reviewed journals.

Date: 01 December, 2018
15 Mangsir, 2075